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Have questions about the insurance groups we work closely with? Get in touch to discuss the process.   We also offer a cash pay option for treatment.



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Action Therapeutics is the best for individual patient care, follow through, and outstanding results!

Everyone here is so nice and the office is very clean. Lindsay is very knowledgeable with pelvic floor therapy and instantly makes you feel comfortable.  I learned a lot about which muscles were tight and/or weak and she gave me a great program to help strengthen and stretch these muscles. She is knowledgeable with dry needling as well. I highly recommend her if you’re dealing with any pelvic floor issues.



I am so thankful to get to learn about this location and their specialized therapy for my pelvic pain which I suffered for over 10 years! After 10 treatments, I noticed the huge difference of my pain level! I’ve tried basically everything! Chiropractor, acupuncture, massage, yoga…and more! But this is the place that truly target the core problems and improved my condition significantly!



Sessions were comfortable, effective, and efficient and there was always open communication. I was also provided with a manageable home program that supported the healing and it was easy to learn how I could help myself even outside of the sessions.



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