Ashley (Tisdale) Reagor , MSPT, ATC                                                                                      Curriculum Vitae
Treatment Philosophy

By providing focused and individualized treatment plans, I strive to help patients regain their independence.  I believe in providing one-on-one care rooted in evidence-based rehabilitation practices to maximize therapeutic benefits.  I hope to educate and motivate my patients through their course of treatment by involving them in their own plan of care.

I am originally from Denver, Colorado.  I moved to Las Vegas in 1998 to pursue my education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  While I had no intention of  establishing roots in the Las Vegas valley, here I am, sixteen years later still in Las Vegas.

Part of why I chose Las Vegas for my college education was because UNLV had an accredited Athletic Training Program as well as a pre-professional program for those interested in going on to earn a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy.  At that time, I was undecided on which route to go.  In the Summer of 2001 while working as a physical therapy technician, I realized how much I enjoyed working with patients.  I saw that my Call is not only directed to towards sports injuries, but to serve everyone facing physical impairments.

After graduating from UNLV with my Master of Science in Physical Therapy in December 2005, I started to immerse myself into the pelvic floor dysfunction realm of physical therapy.  I must say, it is extremely satisfying to help people with such intimate and private problems. Pelvic floor dysfunction can lead to social isolation.  To be able to help people feel confident enough to live their life on their terms is very rewarding.